Life Continuum
  • "A bold mixture of Swedish and British folk music entirely comfortable with both traditions and each other." - Bright Young Folk
  • “A sensitive, mellifluous pairing of fiddle and saxes in elegantly reflective exploration.” - Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots
  • We say Wow!” - Ytterjärna Arts Centre
  • "Sensitive, warm, peaceful and very beautifully played .. balsam for the soul." - Spelmannen (translated from Swedish)
  • "Their playing is accomplished and completely absorbing." - FiddleOn
  • "It doesn’t matter what they play, its passion, intimate and of high quality." - Folkworld


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Life Continuum  EMR04
Release date 1 June 2018. Available for pre-release purchase!

  1. Alice vaggvisa (E. Reid) / Polska från Mörkö (trad.)
  2. Trollsjön (D. Reid) / The Sham Doctor (trad.)
  3. Life Continuum (D. Reid / E. Reid)
  4. Hav av blått (D. Reid)
  5. Silly Ian (E. Reid)
  6. Golden Slumbers (music trad. / E. Reid / D. Reid, poem by Thomas Dekker)
  7. Ullas polska (L. Hökpers)
  8. Keep You in Peace (music C. Grant, lyrics S. Morgan)
  9. Ensamheten (E. Reid)


Nära & Kära  EMR03
Release 21 November 2014

  1. Östgöten (trad)
  2. Air for a Weissenborn Guitar (Emma Reid)
  3. Under hallonbusken (Anders Nygårds)
  4. Why Mankind? (Music Emma Reid/Daniel Reid, text Christopher Ndubuisi)
  5. Bessie / Mörkö (trad)
  6. Will I See Thee More (Music John McCusker, text John Tams)
  7. Donat (trad)
  8. Tango till de tappra (Daniel Reid)
  9. Tidevarv (Nikolaj Busk)
  10. Midsommardröm (O’Torgs Kaisa Abrahamsson)


Innerligheten  EMR02
Release december 2010

  1. Rowan (E. Reid)
  2. Jour de pluie (F. Pezet)
  3. Rävhalling (A. Möller / M. Edén)
  4. Ringar på vattnet (D. Carlsson)
  5. Fantomenland (D. Carlsson)
  6. Innerligheten (J. Olsson)
  7. Molnbyggen (O. Bäckström)
  8. Sweetness of Mary (J. MacDonald Boes)
  9. Vintergatan (E. Reid)
  10. Tröstepolskan (R. Tallroth)
  11. Lilla långdansen efter Pekkos Per (Trad.)
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