• "It doesn’t matter what they play, its passion, intimate and of high quality." - Folkworld
  • “A sensitive, mellifluous pairing of fiddle and saxes in elegantly reflective exploration.” - Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots
  • "Sensitive, warm, peaceful and very beautifully played .. balsam for the soul." - Spelmannen (translated from Swedish)
  • "Their playing is accomplished and completely absorbing." - FiddleOn
  • We say Wow!” - Ytterjärna Arts Centre
  • "A bold mixture of Swedish and British folk music entirely comfortable with both traditions and each other." - Bright Young Folk

August 2016

Coming up: This autumn we are setting up a brand new folk music course outside our hometown of Järna. 5 weekends in a year, for all ages. There will be ensemble and singing workshops for anyone over 10, and a kids workshop for anyone 0-10 (plus an accompanying adult). At the moment there are almost 40 people enrolled, which is fantastic! Here is a pic from our planning meeting, with the inspiring Solvik school behind us (where the course will be held):

Team Solfolket